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My name is Shireen. I have pursued my engineering in computer science. After graduation, I was very confused as to what to do next. Working was never an option for me because my parents didn’t want me to go to a different city. I started taking sewing and embroidery lessons on my mother’s saying. After some time, I started loving it. And after finishing that course, I started to learn cooking. Honestly, I didn’t know to cook anything until I completed my studies even though my mother is a great cook. I started learning from her and then gained the confidence to cook on my own. That’s when I decided to explore different cuisines. It’s been 5 years now. I learnt a lot. I have tried so many recipes from cookbooks, cookery shows, YouTube and also from different food blogs. I love making desserts. My family has been always supporting me. It was my brother’s idea to start this blog. He has helped me a lot. One thing I can guarantee you guys is that all the recipes I share have been tried and tested. If you have any queries or suggestions u can write to me at [email protected]

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