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There are different types of cakes. We have Sponge Cake, Genoise Cake, Chiffon Cake, Pound Cake, yellow cake, White Cake, Devil’s Food Cake, Angel’s Food Cake etc etc etc. They are basically divided into two types. Sponge cake and Butter Cake. The difference lies in the mixing method. 

Sponge cake: 

They are also called as foam cakes. Here we use the foaming method. Structure and texture of these cakes depend on the air incorporated in the eggs while beating it. These cakes are light, fluffy and airy.

Sponge cakes are further divided into oil-based cakes and butter cakes. Butter cakes turn hard when it is refrigerated because of the milk solids in the butter. You have to bring it to room temperature before serving. oil-based cakes, on the other hand, remain moist even after refrigeration. If you want to do any kind of carving then it is best to use butter cakes as they are easier to work with.

Butter Cake:

Here we use the Creaming method. Butter and sugar are creamed together until they are light and fluffy. As a result, the sugar gets trapped in the fat pockets which when baking gets melted and causes the cake to rise. these are denser when compared to sponge cakes.


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